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The GROOVE PROJECT was formed in Los Angeles, California as a 14-piece group by GRAMMY® Award nominated Artist & Producer ARUN SHENOY in 2016.

The original lineup released a debut concept jazz-funk album titled A STAGEY BANK AFFAIR in the same year. The record was chosen as Album of the Year by Jazziz Magazine’s Critics Pick and dubbed “an explosive, exotic, jazz-funk-rock-barn burner” by noted American journalist and reviewer, Jonathan Widran.

The group has since grown into an international super-band with the lineup shuffled in 2019 by Shenoy into an 8-piece group. Only Shenoy from the original lineup remain on the current roster.

After releasing a series of singles, the band released this second album on June 26, 2020. Titled “VOLUME 1: FLIGHTS OF FANTASY”, the music is a smooth jazz concept album about man’s fascination with flight.

The band has released 3 music videos in support of the album for the tracks “Beyond the Atmosphere”, “First Flight” and “Bird On a Wire (Song for Mo)”

2 other tracks “Pilot” and “Shadows” have picked up significant traction on mainstream terrestrial and digital radio in major markets across the US.

2 more tracks “Leap of Faith” and “Beyond the Atmosphere” have been picked up by Spotify Editorial Playlists, Sax and the City and Smooth Drive respectively.

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The lineup for this new album is fronted by SHENOY and acclaimed producer MATTHEW SHELL, alongside keyboardist & vocalist LONNIE PARK. The 3 principals along with saxophonist MARCUS MITCHELL andkeyboardist DAVID JOUBERT are collectively credited with songwriting.

As part of their international lineup, the airtight rhythm section is locked down by GLENN WELMAN from UK on the drums and HECTOR RUANO from Venezuela on bass. Guitarist SAMITURU from Norway brings his maverick guitar work to the music.

The vocalization by PARK adds a unique signature sound to the high energy sound of the group’s music. PARK also serves as the mix engineer for the group while SHELL serves as the primary songwriter for the project.

Notable members of the band have in the past included Jeff Coffin from the Dave Matthew Band, Weird “Al” Yankovic guitarist Jim Kimo West, Ed Roth from Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatballs, and GRAMMY Award nominated arranger Don Hart.

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