Victorious Cover Art


  1. Matthew Shell & Arun Shenoy - Genesis * 4:56
    • (Matthew Shell, Arun Shenoy, Ian Cameron)
  2. Kenny McNeil - Another Way to Get to Heaven [feat. Vahagn Stepanyan] 4:44
    • (Kenny McNeil, Matthew Shell, Vahagn Stepanyan)
  3. Matthew Shell - Guitar Interlude 0:53
    • (Matthew Shell)
  4. Taurus Soul - Highest Praise (Victorious Mix) [feat. Vahagn Stepanyan] 4:38
    • (Matthew Shell, Bryant Figgins, Nigel Jackson, Vahagn Stepanyan)
  5. Matthew Shell & Marcus Johnson - Cherish the Journey (MTS Remix) [feat. Greg Adams & Paul Jackson Jr.] *** 5:53
    • (Marcus Johnson, Matthew Shell, Greg Adams, Paul Jackson Jr.)
  6. G.P. Jackson, Javier Starks & Bomani Armah - The Moment [feat. Rufus Fly] ** 4:33
    • (Darrick Atwater, Garrett Jackson, Javier Starks, Bomani Armah, Matthew Shell, Trey Eley)
  7. Matthew Shell - Continuum *** 1:56
    • (Matthew Shell)
  8. Danielle Withers - So Sick (MTS & Domscott Radio Edit) [feat. Markus Huber & Vahagn Stepanyan] 3:37
    • (Shaffer Chimere Smith, Matthew Shell, Dominic Scott, Danielle Withers, Markus Huber, Vahagn Stepanyan)
  9. Matthew Shell, Cristina Botnari & Anastassia Ivanova - O Mio Babbino Caro 1:41
    • (Giacomo Puccini, Matthew Shell, Cristina Botnari & Anastassia Ivanova)
  10. Danielle Withers & Javier Starks - Believe 5:38
    • (Matthew Shell, Javier Starks, Ama Atobrah, Danielle Withers, Thomas Morris, Vahagn Stepanyan, Devin Spear)
  11. Matthew Shell - Konichiwa [feat. Matt Saba] *** 2:51
    • (Matthew Shell, Matt Saba)
  12. Matthew Shell - Peaceful Ballad [feat. Danielle Withers & Marcus Mitchell] 2:48
    • (Matthew Shell, Danielle Withers, Markus Mitchell)

MTS Music, in collaboration with Narked Records, is delighted to announce the release of Victorious, a showcase project of Washington DC based music producer Matthew Shell featuring his collaborations with various artists.

Victorious opens with “Genesis“, an explosive instrumental collaboration between Matthew Shell & Arun Shenoy featuring Ian Cameron on violin & guest musicians from around the world.

The rest of the album features many of Matthew’s favorite collaborators, bassist Markus Huber, pianist Vahagn Stepanyan, bassist Teo Lee, strings arranger Jonathan Wesley, drummer Sebastian Wyrobisch, guitarist Paul Jackson Jr., trumpeter Greg Adams, and keyboardist Marcus Johnson, among others.


  • Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Matthew Shell at Blue Room Music Studio (Bethesda, MD) and Assembly Line Studios (Vienna, VA)
  • * Co-Produced by Arun Shenoy & Mastered by Emily Lazar at the Lodge (New York, NY)
  • ** Co-Produced by Agent Method & Trey Eley. Mastered by Darrick Atwater at Tree Sound Studios (Atlanta, GA)
  • *** Co-Produced by Gordon Davies at Single Track Audio (Vernon, NJ)
  • All other songs mastered by Matthew Shell at Assembly Line Studios (Vienna, VA)
  • Album cover art photograph by David Stuebing & Edited by Melissa Davis Stuebing


  • © 2013 MTS Music (BMI)
  • Ⓟ 2013 MTS Music / Narked Records