NARKED RECORDS is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated new album, “Towards New Beginnings” by acclaimed artist and producer  MATTHEW SHELL feat. a collaboration with pianist VAHAGN STEPANYAN and guitarist SAMI TURUNEN.


As noted by DJ Derek Tate at KRUI 89.7, the music navigates joy, strife, desire, and satisfaction with a hypnotic ease that eggs listeners to relax and nod their heads. Here, pulses and crescendos are reminiscent of lungs slowly inhaling and exhaling, becoming more and more at ease with each breath.

Matthew Shell and company evoke the soothing sounds of tranquility on the title track “Towards New Beginnings,” and its accompanying music video that have a calm and relaxing sound, certainly ideal for studying or having a romantic dinner.


Jazzy, yet reserved, this new age piece is brought to life by its impressive personnel of musicians. Featured soloist Douglas Lira elevates the track to a new level of technicality, showcasing some impressive skill on both flute and soprano sax. The track is also book-ended by two guitar solos courtesy of Sami Turunen, showing off his prowess first with a reserved and soothing acoustic intro and then adding a bit more glitz on the electric guitar at the song’s satisfying denouement. Turunen’s playing reels in one final emotional peak before the song gracefully tapers off.


Taking about a year to complete, Shell’s new album has been meticulously polished and perfected in order to represent a spectrum of emotion. Other personnel include Vahagn Stepanyan on piano, Glenn Welman on percussion, and Yoed Nir on cello; each of whom fuel the track’s emotional drive.


Although this album was arranged before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, its themes of perseverance in the face of adversity, and the need to take a moment to breathe, make it all the more timely. With “Towards New Beginnings,” Shell has created a peaceful album that is largely felt as much as it is heard, as most strongly demonstrated by the title track.

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