Bliss Cover Art


  1. Bliss (8:00)
  2. (Arun Shenoy, Ravichandra Kulur, Ramil Duke Purisima, Jon Sterckx, Owen Gurry, Balachandra Prabhu)


  • Produced by Arun Shenoy
  • Arranged by Arun Shenoy and Ramil Duke Purisima
  • Additional music arrangements (Strings) by Don Hart
  • Bansuri Flutes - Ravichandra Kulur
  • Tablas and Tabla Bols - Jon Sterckx
  • Additional Tabla Bols - Vikas Naregal
  • Hindustani Classical Vocals - Balachandra Prabhu & Koushik Aithal
  • Owen Gurry - Guitars
  • Bass - Ramil Duke Purisima
  • Keyboards - Shamoon Khatri
  • Piano, Keyboards and additional Percussion - Wesley Studios
  • Drums - Myx Studios
  • String section orchestration - Don Hart
  • Violins - David Davidson (concertmaster), David Angell, Pamela Sixfin & Karen Winkelmann
  • Violas - Kristin Wilkinson & Monisa Angell
  • Cellos - John Catchings & Sari Reist
  • Upright Bass - Craig Nelson
  • Engineering - Arun Shenoy & Ramil Duke Purisima
  • String section engineering - Bobby Shin assisted by David Han
  • Vocal engineering - Manjunath Naidu
  • Mix and mastering - Myx Studios
  • Art direction - Roshni Mohapatra, Robert Capria (Actuality Films) & Arun Shenoy
  • Artwork - T. Nakayama (Actuality Films)
  • Addtional artwork - R.C. Indumathy
  • Liner notes - Arun Shenoy & Roshni Mohapatra
  • Typography - Cassidy Rayne Creative Ltd

Narked Records is delighted to announce the release of the highly-anticipated new single “Bliss” from Arun Shenoy’s new global fusion project.  The music has been featured on an worldwide Exclusive First Look on on 26-August, ahead of the official release date on 30-August 2013.

Arun Shenoy Exclusive


In production for over 9 months, the 8 minute long single was recorded live across the world from India, Singapore and the Philippines, to the UK and the US.

With this project, Shenoy explores the rich lexicon of Indian Classical instrumentation, in what he says is a long journey back to his own cultural roots. Conceptually steeped in ancient Hindu scriptur es and mythology, the concept behind the music is also interpreted visually, creating an audio-visual experience of music, animation, artwork and packaging.

The storyboard, scripted by Art Directors Roshni Mohapatra and Robert Capria, is brought to life in an animated film created by Actuality Films in New York.  By design, the video is a combination of up-tempo audio with a down-tempo dream sequence, presenting a unique cognitive experience in the human perception of the music.

Bliss CD Package


Shenoy is also joined on this project by acclaimed GRAMMY®-nominated composer and arranger Don Hart, who orchestrated the live string section in Nashville. Also featured is Ravichandra Kulur, one of the leading flautists in India.


Music Video


  • © 2013 Arun Shenoy Music Publishing (BMI)
  • ℗ 2013 Narked Records